Our Goal

The NorthEast Arugula Team (NEAT) was formed in response to grower inquiries raising concerns over bacterial diseases on their brassica leafy greens. Our goal is to identify bacterial pathogens causing diseases on arugula and other brassica leafy greens, design effective management strategies and spread the information to growers. We hope to help growers improve their production of brassica leafy greens and increase profitability.

With funding from Northeast SARE (Project LNE23-463), we are seeking to identify diseases on brassica leafy greens in New Hampshire, New York, Pennsylvania and Vermont. You can read more about these diseases here: https://plantpath.psu.edu/research/labs/bull/research/neat/bacterial-pathogens-of-crucifers

If you are in Pennsylvania, we are willing to come to your farm to survey your brassica leafy green plantings for disease or other issues limiting production. To express interest in sending samples for identification or to schedule a farm survey, please contact Cameron Cedeno (cjc315@psu.edu) using the subject “NEAT” and/or consider filling out this 5 minute survey. Link: https://unh.az1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_aibpIcPXBwAoRZI

Our Team

NEAT is a collaborative effort between The Pennsylvania State University (Carolee Bull, Shaheen Bibi, & Cameron Cedeno), Cornell University (Elisabeth Hodgdon), University of New Hampshire (Rebecca Sideman), and University of Vermont (Ann Hazelrigg). NEAT is advised by a committee of farmers, developers, and plant breeders. Explore the links below to find out more about who's involved and our project.

Bull, Bibi, and Cedeno, Penn State University: https://plantpath.psu.edu/research/labs/bull

Hodgdon, Cornell University: https://cals.cornell.edu/elisabeth-hodgdon

Sideman, University of New Hampshire: https://colsa.unh.edu/person/rebecca-sideman

Hazelrigg, University of Vermont: https://www.uvm.edu/cals/pss/profiles/extension-associate-professor-ann-hazelrigg

NEAT NE SARE page: https://projects.sare.org/sare_project/lne23-463/

Project Advisory Committee

Dan Dalton, Associate Director for Farmer Training and Development, https://pasafarming.org/ 

Paul and Sandy Arnold, Farmers, Pleasant Valley Farm, Pvfproduce.com

Rachel Katz, Trial Manager for Herbs and Leafy Greens, Johnny’s Selected Seeds, https://www.johnnyseeds.com/ 

Ryan Lynch, Assistant Spinach Breeder, Sakata Seed America, https://sakatavegetables.com/

All members of the Project Advisory Committee (PAC) are involved in helping to define goals, develop plans for executing goals, outlining potential outreach, and/or selecting germplasm to be used. NEAT will meet with the PAC as a group to review results from the previous season and plan the next season’s work. Our collaboration will ensure that the needs of Northeastern growers are included in our efforts and will disseminate results to seed companies and seed health organizations.

Bacterial Pathogens of Crucifers