Dual-Title Graduate Degree in Microbiome Sciences

About Microbiome Sciences

Microbiome Sciences–a transdisciplinary degree

Microbiome sciences refers to a transdisciplinary research area investigating the structure, relationships, and functions of the complete microbial community and its environment (microbiome). Studying microbiomes provides an understanding of relationships and functions and their impacts on larger systems. Microbes make up over 60 percent of the life on our planet, and we are just now beginning to describe how these diverse communities impact our lives.

Microbiome Sciences at Penn State

Penn State offers a one-of-its-kind dual-title Ph.D. program where scholars are trained in the interdisciplinary field of microbiome sciences. The Microbiome Science Dual Title is available for dual titles in Plant Pathology; additional graduate programs will soon be joining.

The dual-title degree program will continue the success of an active community of scientists engaged in microbiome research and graduate training at Penn State. The program involves close engagement with the Penn State Microbiome Center, which provides a community of scientists and students engaged in disciplinary coursework and informal learning opportunities. Weekly events offer an opportunity to exchange ideas with other microbiome scientists on and off campus.

The program is administered by the Department of Plant Pathology and Environmental Microbiology with support from faculty in the Penn State Microbiome Center

For more information, please contact microbiomescidt@psu.edu.