Bryan Hed

Bryan Hed

  • Research Technologist
Lake Erie Grape Research and Extension Center
662 Cemetery Road

North East, PA 16428-2902

Areas of Expertise

  • Grape diseases and fungal pathogen biology
  • Fungicide efficacy testing for conventional and organic grape production systems
  • Cultural/non-chemical control of late season bunch rots of grapes
  • Epidemiology of grapevine leafroll associated viruses
  • Varietal susceptibility to grape diseases
  • Integrated grape disease management
  • Development of effective conventional and organic fungicide programs


  • B.S. Biology/Ecology, University of Illinois
  • M.S. Plant Pathology, University of Tennessee

I have been conducting research to evaluate chemical and cultural disease management strategies for grapes since 1999 at the Lake Erie Regional Grape Research and Extension Center in North East, PA.

My most recent areas of focus have been:

  1. The development of effective disease control programs in organic grape production;
  2. The development and adoption of new cultural and chemical control options for wine grape harvest rot management;
  3. The examination of the effects of rainfall on fungicide efficacy;
  4. Efficacy testing of new fungicides.


  • Hed, B., Ngugi, H. K., and Travis, J. W. 2015. Short- and long-term effects of leaf removal and gibberellin on Chardonnay grapes in the Lake Erie region of Pennsylvania. Amer. J. Enol. Vitic. 66: 22-29.
  • Hed, B., Ngugi, H. K., and Travis, J. W. 2011. Use of gibberellic acid for management of bunch rot on Chardonnay and Vignoles grapes. Plant Disease, 95:269-278.
  • Hed, B., Ngugi, H. K., and Travis, J. W. 2009. Relationship between cluster compactness and bunch rot in Vignoles grapes. Plant Disease 93:1195-1201.