Meet PPEM's 2021 Ph.D., M.S., and World Campus graduates, as well as undergraduates who minored in Plant Pathology and/or Mushroom Science and Technology or who worked in PPEM labs.

Graduate Program

Phillip Martin

Ph.D., Plant Pathology; Biogeochemistry

Phillip Martin has accepted a position as a research scientist at LABServices in Hamburg, PA.


  • National Science Foundation Graduate Student Fellowship
  • Northeast SARE Graduate Student Research Grant

Martin's thesis, entitled "The Biology and Management of Bitter Rot of Apple in the Mid-Atlantic United States," identified the species of several hundred fungal isolates from bitter rot infected apples, tested and supervised testing of isolates for sensitivity to various fungicides, determined when and how much of these fungal spores are being dispersed in the orchards and nearby forests, and the timing of key infection periods, and tracked and compared the degradation of apples with bitter rot on soil surfaces.

When asked about insight for prospective students, Martin responded, "There is a wide range of research conducted in our department. Before joining a lab take the time to learn about the professors and the research they are focused on to make sure it matches your interests. This was one of the key things that set me up for a very enjoyable and fulfilling graduate experience."

Chad Vosburg

M.S., Plant Pathology

Chad Vosburg has accepted a position as a research technologist at Penn State.


  • Excellence in Graduate Recruitment Award
  • Popp Endowment Award

Vosburg's thesis is titled "Novel inhibitors of bacterial plant pathogens: comparing apples and oranges." His research focused on two different tree fruit diseases: fire blight and huanglongbing (HLB). Vosburg's fire blight work focused on molecular cloning with Erwinia amylovora to help characterize an amylovoran-inhibiting peptide sequence. His HLB work focused on phenotyping transgenic citrus lines infected with HLB.

In 2020, Vosburg was treasurer of the Plant Pathology Association. 

When asked about insight for prospective students, Vosburg responded, "It's okay to not know something. It's okay to ask for help. Our department is filled with knowledgeable people that love to teach, share and learn."

Undergraduate Program

Amanda Grube

Plant Pathology Minor
B.S., Plant Science

Amanda has accepted a full-time job with the Lancaster County Conservation District as an ag compliance specialist.

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