Includes Availability, Culture List, Disease List, Care and Handling of Cultures, How to Start a Culture, Media Preparation, and Spawn Preparation.

Availability and Ordering

Cultures may be ordered by contacting:

Edward Kaiser
117 Buckhout Laboratory
The Pennsylvania State University
University Park, Pennsylvania USA 16802

By Email (preferred):

NOTE: A list of available cultures can be mailed upon request and receipt of a $1.00 fee to cover postage and handling charges.

Since the Mushroom Spawn Laboratory operates on a cost recovery basis, it is necessary to establish the following fee structure for cultures you request. Should you require transfers of any cultures in our collection we must first receive reimbursement at the rate of:

$150/culture in United States funds plus shipping charges

Your order for cultures must be accompanied by a draft on a U.S. bank or an International Money Order made payable to The Pennsylvania State University in an amount proportionate to your request. Funds may also be wired to the University; instructions available upon request. VISA and MasterCard are accepted as well.

Warranty: The Pennsylvania State University warrants only the purity of a culture at the time of shipment. There is no actual or implied warranty regarding the performance of a culture.

Culture List
Disease List
Care and Handling of Cultures

PDF document, 159.7 KB

of the Cultivated Mushroom (Agaricus bisporus)

How to Start a Culture

Mushroom Cultures are started by Spore Print or by Tissue Culture.

Media Preparation

Penn State Spawn Lab Procedure for Making PDYA

Compost Agar Preparation

Penn State Spawn Lab Procedure for Making Compost Extract Agar

Spawn Preparation

Penn State Spawn Lab Procedures for Making Spawn

Liquid Nitrogen Freezing and Thawing Protocols
Mushroom Cultures

Contact Information

John A. Pecchia, Ph.D.
  • Associate Research Professor