Meet PPEM's 2019 Ph.D., M.S., and World Campus graduates, as well as undergraduates who minored in Plant Pathology and/or Mushroom Science and Technology or who worked in PPEM labs.

Graduate Program

  • Siyi Ge, M.S., Plant Pathology
  • Juan Francisco Iturralde Martinez, M.S., Plant Pathology
  • Sara Klee, Ph.D., Plant Pathology
  • Sara May, Ph.D., Plant Pathology
  • Rondy Malik, Ph.D., Ecology
  • Natali Ozber, Ph.D., Plant Biology
  • Joseph Walls, M.S., Plant Pathology

Undergraduate Program

Plant Pathology Minor

  • Cullen Dixon, B.S., Plant Sciences
  • Ryan Ford, B.S., Biology
  • Trinity Hamm, B.S., Biology
  • Drew May, B.S., Biology

Department of Plant Pathology and Environmental Microbiology


211 Buckhout Lab
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