Dr. Paul J. Wuest was named an Outstanding Alumnus of the College of Agricultural Sciences for 2004. Dr. Wuest received his B.S. in horticulture and doctorate in plant pathology from Penn State. He joined the Penn State faculty in 1964 and retired as Professor Emeritus of Plant Pathology in 1999.

Dr. Wuest was an internationally-renowned scientist and educator who devoted his career to helping the mushroom industry. He focused his efforts on identifying and finding practical solutions to the needs of the mushroom industry. Dr. Wuest did this through thorough on-site problem identification and prioritization, obtaining resources needed to overcome problems, conducting and leading adaptive research to identify solutions, and extending practical solutions to growers by a multitude of highly effective methods. Some of his major university accomplishments include: (a) publication of a comprehensive mushroom production handbook, which is used throughout the world by mushroom farmers; (b) managing and directing a highly successful Integrated Pest Management (IPM) project currently used in Europe, Asia, and the Americas; (c) co-development of ventilation, soil treatment, and spawning systems which have propelled domestic producers to be among the best mushroom producers in the world; (d) writing a manual that provides a methodology for the farm community to operate without detracting from the environment; (e) conducting and promoting extension education programs that have aided in establishing another generation of mushroom farmers to carry on this Pennsylvania tradition; and (f) establishment of an intern program for graduate and undergraduate students interested in mushroom spawn production, and performance evaluation and improvement.

The Outstanding Alumnus award recognizes his outstanding service to the mushroom industry and his active and integral role as an educator and member of the Department of Plant Pathology and the university community.

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