David Carroll

David Carroll

David graduated in 1973 with a M.S. degree in Plant Pathology advised by Dr. Lee Schisler. David's thesis research resulted in the patenting of "Spawn Mate" a delayed released supplement widely used in the mushroom industry, which have produced the largest royalties to Penn State to date.

Mr. David Carroll was awarded the College of Agricultural Sciences 2013 Outstanding Alumni Award at the Award Ceremony held on October 21 at the Nittany Lion Inn. Mr. Carroll received his B.S. degree in Botany with Honors and High Distinction from Penn State in 1971 and completed his M.S. Degree in Plant Pathology in 1973, advised by Dr. Lee Schisler. His graduate research project on mushroom biology resulted in the development of a delayed release nutrient supplement that significantly increased mushroom growth. The product was one of the first intellectual properties patented by Penn State University. The resulting commercial product named 'Spawn Mate' significantly increased mushroom production and was widely adopted by the mushroom industry becoming a huge commercial success,. Current mushroom sales in Pennsylvania exceed $500 million annually, and the 'Spawn Mate' royalties to Penn State are the largest on record.

Dave is currently the president of Giorgi Mushroom Company, the largest mushroom producer in North America employing over 800 employees. Over the past 5 years, Giorgi Mushroom Company has donated over $500,000 to mushroom research in the College. Dave also is president of several other companies associated with Giorgi Mushroom Company, and an active industry leader serving as President of the Eastern Mushroom Marketing Board, and serving on the Board of Directors of the Mushroom Marketing Cooperative Growers Association and the American Mushroom Institute. He and his wife, Anne, are active in many local charities and in supporting college scholarships to deserving local high school students.

David Carroll and Fred Gildow
David Carroll and Dr. Fred Gildow

The Department of Plant Pathology and Environmental Microbiology congratulates Dave on his many professional and personal accomplishments and we are proud to recognize him as one of our Outstanding Alumni.

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