Samuel J. Martins, Ph.D.

  • Research Technologist
  • Bull Lab
Samuel J. Martins, Ph.D.
111 Buckhout Lab (office/lab)
105 Buckhout Lab (lab)

University Park, PA 16802
Work Phone: 814-863-5740
Fax: 814-863-7217


  1. Ph.D. Plant Pathology, Federal University of Lavras, Brazil, 2016
  2. Ph.D. Exchange period, University of Delaware, 2013-2014
  3. M.S. Plant Pathology, Federal University of Lavras, Brazil, 2012
  4. B.S. Agronomy, Federal University of Lavras, Brazil, 2010

Employment History

  • Research Technologist, The Pennsylvania State University, 2017-present
  • Professor of Plant Pathology, Federal University of Goias, Brazil, 2015-2017

Research Interests

My research interests focus on phytobacteriology and biological control of plant diseases by the use of beneficial bacteria. Currently, I work on distinguishing among closely-related bacterial plant pathogens by using multilocus sequence anaylsis (MLSA).


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Martins, SJ, Rocha GA, Georg RC, Ulhôa CJ, Cunha MG, Rocha MR, Araújo LG, Vaz KS, Dianese EC, Oshiquiri LH, Dunlap CA. Minimizing the drought stress in soybean by plant-beneficial bacteria. Plant Physiology and Biochemistry, 2017 (under review).

Martins SJ, Medeiros FHV, Pedroso MP, Cunha MG, Rocha MR, Faria AF. Rhizobacterial volatiles in the control of anthracnose in common bean. Biocontrol, 2017 (under review).

Laborde MCF; Botelho D; Rodríguez G; Resende MLV; Queiroz M; Batista A; Cardoso P; Pascholati S, Gusmão L, Martins SJ, Medeiros FHV. Phialomyces macrosporus reduces Cercospora coffeicola survival on symptomatic coffee leaves. World Journal of Microbiology and Biotechnology, 2017 (under review).

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