Gorgo Applied Research and Extension Lab

The Gorgo Applied Research and Extension Lab works closely with research faculty, graduate students, extension specialists and county-based educators to develop outreach programs, design and publish extensive grower education materials for several agricultural industries on pest management information, IPM solutions, as well as pesticide and farm safety education in both urban and agricultural settings.

As a collaborator, Gorgo thrives to serve the Latinx community and stakeholders in Pennsylvania. As a team co-leader of Penn State's Latinx Agricultural Network community of practice, Gorgo is dedicated to serving the needs of Latinx agriculturalists.

Gorgo serves as the Penn State Extension Horticulture team's bilingual specialist and an affiliate instructor in the Department of Plant Pathology and Environmental Microbiology where she is currently adapting new, culturally appropriate trainings, outreach materials and assessing the needs of the Latinx Community.

The Latinx population plays a critical role in Pennsylvania agriculture, and the population of aspiring and small-scale Latinx growers is rising rapidly. The 2017 Census of Agriculture identified 759 producers of Hispanic, Latinx or Spanish origin – a significant increase since 2012, which also reflects the national trend of a rising number of Latinx principal operators.

For more information, please contact Maria Gorgo-Gourovitch.