Soybean rust (Phakopsora pachyrhizi H. Sydow & Sydow) can be managed with the use of fungicides. However, early detection is required for its most effective management. Monitoring soybean fields and adjacent areas is recommended throughout the growing season.

Fungicide applications can reduce yield loss, depending on the plant developmental stage, time when soybean rust is detected, and fungicide application method.

Efficacy information for producers on fungicides is available through state university extension services. To this purpose we strongly recommend you to link to Websites that provide decision support for SBR management:

APHIS-USDA Soybean Rust
National Information System for Regional IPM Centers - Soybean Rust

Soybean Rust - a real threat to American agriculture

NAICC - National Alliance of Independent Crop Consultants

Soybean rust management is a growing concern worldwide. NAICC is a National Society of Agricultural Professionals.

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Brochure: Soybean Rust, Crop Insurance and You


Do you know what to do in case of Soybean Rust loss? Insurance Claims. By USDA Risk Management Agency (RMA)