Current Assistantship Opportunities

Plant Pathology Graduate Research Assistantships beginning August 2018 are available for highly-qualified applicants.

Plant Pathology Graduate Program Assistantship Opportunities

Plant Pathology Graduate Research Assistantships are available in the Department of Plant Pathology and Environmental Microbiology (PPEM) beginning August 2018 for highly-qualified applicants. Applicants with strong demonstrated intellectual merit, outstanding GPA and GRE test scores, and laboratory research experiences that have led to creative accomplishments are encouraged to apply to work with any of our faculty and nationally-recognized research programs.

Opportunities, including dual-title degrees in Biogeochemistry or International Agriculture and Development, formal professional development training, and international research, are available as part of these paid assistantships. Both Masters and Doctoral assistantships are available. Apply by December 15 for full funding consideration.

In addition to the established research programs in PPEM, we are specifically recruiting talented students to work in these cutting-edge research programs:

Dr. Kevin Hockett, Assistant Professor of Microbial Ecology, seeks a Ph.D. student who will apply community sequencing approaches to understand the role(s) of antagonistic interactions in structuring phyllosphere microbiomes at a fine scale.

Dr. Terrence Bell, Assistant Professor of Phytobiomes, seeks students with interests in one of two soil microbial project areas.

Dr. Paul Esker, Assistant Professor of Epidemiology and Field Crop Pathology, seeks students interested in working in plant disease epidemiology on research related to improving field crop and small grain production.

Dr. Seogchan Kang, Professor, in collaboration with Drs. Terrence Bell and Beth Gugino, seeks to recruit a microbial chemical ecology and biocontrol Ph.D. student.

Dr. John Pecchia, Assistant Professor, in collaboration with Dr. David Beyer, seeks a student interested in mushroom science pathology or compost science.