Course registration requirements and procedures


For each registration, it is expected that the student, in consultation with their adviser and the Grad Student handbook, will prepare a schedule of courses and research designed to fit individual needs and the pertinent credit limits. Registration for fall semesters begins in March; registration for spring semesters begins the previous September. All holds in LionPATH must be resolved before you can register for classes.

The Penn State registration process consists of two steps:

  1. The student enrolls in specific courses.

  2. Registration is complete upon receipt of payment of tuition and fees.

Students who have enrolled in courses will receive a statement of tuition and fees from the Bursar's Office. This statement includes amount(s) due as well as possible credits resulting from applicable scholarships, loans, grants, and other forms of financial assistance.

Methods of Registering

  1. LionPATH Web Registration
  2. In-Person Registration
  • There are certain registration activities that require in-person registration, such as:

    • Enrolling in a closed course (instructor approval required)

    • Enrolling in a controlled course (department approval required)

    • Enrolling in a course after the regular drop/add period of the semester (Instructor approval required)

    • Enrolling in a course as "audit" or "satisfactory/unsatisfactory" grading option

    • PPATH 600/601 courses need to be scheduled by the Grad Program Coordinator
    • Please see the Grad Program Coordinator for an issues/concerns with pre-requisites for a course