Postdoctoral Researchers

  1. Paolo Margaria. 2014-2016. Now Scientist at DSMZ Braunschweig, Germany. Current email address:

Graduate Students

  1. Natali Ozber. Ph.D. Student. 2019.
  2. Joseph Walls III. M.S. Student. 2019.

UnderGraduate Students

  1. Maya Marcy. Fall 2018 and Spring 2019.
  2. Dustin Heller. Summer 2017 Fall 2017 Spring 2018.
  3. Tim Peoples. Summer 2017. Plant friends and foes: plant interactions with other organisms as related to plant health, agriculture and environment. USDA NIFA Undergraduate Research and Extension Fellowship Program.
  4. Cody Forsyth. Spring 2017.
  5. Michael Pahler. Spring 2017.
  6. Andrew May Spring 2016 Fall 2016 (Winner of Fall 2016 PSU College of Agricultural Sciences Undergraduate Student Research program fellowship).
  7. Kevin Cassidy from Fall Semester 2014 to Fall Semester 2016. Stayed for and internship for one semester after graduation.
  8. Cheyanne Brandt Fall Semester 2014

Highschool Students

  1. Roandy Sanchez Mejia Penn State Upward Bound Math and Science Program. Summer 2016
  2. Jeffrey Seaman. Penn State Upward Bound Math and Science Program. Summer 2016
Rosa Lab Members 2014

From the top left: Kaixi Zhao. Ph.D. Student Paolo Margaria. Postdoctoral Researcher Joe Walls. Ph.D. Student Bottom left: Kevin Cassidy. Undergraduate Student Cheyanne Brandt. Undergraduate Student Cristina Rosa. P.I.