Posted: March 31, 2017

Composters discussed composting theory and practical applications at Mushroom Review workshop held on March 31.

Image: David Beyer, Penn State

Image: David Beyer, Penn State

On March 31, 2017, Penn State hosted a Mushroom Review workshop at the newly constructed Mushroom Research Center at the University Park campus.

Approximately forty growers attended the workshop, including several very experienced composters and many younger growers with limited experience. The mix was valuable for the discussions that took place on the theory and practical applications on Phase I and Phase II bulk and traditional composting.

Image: David Beyer, Penn State

Dr. John Pecchia led several demonstrations on the Phase I bunkers and Phase II tunnels, including a challenge for the participants to determine why the Phase II compost was not completely finished. Corn stover compost was in the Phase I bunkers, so participants had a chance to see an alternative ingredient.

A guest lecture by Fabrício Vieira, a visiting scientist from Brazil, was a nice change of pace as he described some recent research he has done on the microbial ecology of Phase II composting.

Participants enjoyed and appreciated the workshop, and several composters requested another workshop in the future.

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