Boxwood Blight Found in Pennsylvania

Boxwood blight was recently detected in a landscape in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania. Boxwood blight was first detected in Pennsylvania in 2011 in Lancaster County.
Boxwood blight stem lesions

Boxwood blight stem lesions

This disease is caused by the fungus Cylindrocladium pseudonaviculatum and causes severe defoliation in boxwoods.

If you suspect you have plants with boxwood blight, contact your County Extension office or Pennsylvania Department of Ag. Inspector for information on submitting samples.

Submitting Boxwood Blight Samples to the Penn State Plant Disease Clinic

  • Contact Sara May in the Plant Disease Clinic before mailing any suspect Boxwood samples at 814-865-2204 or
  • Double bag samples before placing in a box for shipping
  • Attach the Specimen information form on the outside of the box.

Additional Boxwood Blight Information