Mushroom Spawn Lab

The Mushroom Spawn Laboratory contains a culture collection of the cultivated mushroom, Agaricus bisporus.

The germplasm is the basis for and has resulted from a continuous spawn-research program since 1930. Over 700 isolates of 171 species of other fleshy fungi are also maintained.

Most of the lines were selected from an evaluation program using mushroom tissue, single- or multi-spore germinations and hybridization. The lines vary in rate of growth and vegetative appearance. Mushrooms produced from these cultures vary in size, shape, specific gravity, pigmentation, degree of smoothness or scaliness, and shrinkage during processing. The cultures are maintained in liquid nitrogen, by periodic transfer to fresh media, and in spore print form. Successful germination of mushroom spores collected in 1932 recently was accomplished.

Approximately 600 isolates of over 200 different species of fleshy fungi are maintained by periodic transfer. Tissue isolation of mushrooms collected from various world wide sources form the basis of this culture collection. In some instances, vegetative cultures are backed up by spore prints. Major collection emphasis is on members of Agaricaceae, Boletaceae, and Morchella. 

Our current culture listing contains cultures that may be ordered. Cost is $150/culture in United States funds plus shipping charges. More information about availability and ordering