2017 Extension impact statement by Assistant Professor John A. Pecchia, Ph.D. and David M. Beyer, Ph.D.

Mushroom producers continue to seek best practices in disease prevention and advanced production practices. The Penn State Mushroom Short Course is the premier annual event contributing to the growth and profitability of mushroom growers throughout North America for the past 60 years. Initiated in 1956 and currently co-organized by Drs. David Beyer and John Pecchia from the Department of Plant Pathology and Environmental Microbiology, the Penn State's Mushroom Short Course is responsible for translating the latest scientific research for over 250 producers, workers, and others annually. The knowledge provided increases productivity, profitability, and sustainability within the industry. Technical presentations range from basic pathogen and pest biology, disease and pest prevention, pesticide use ranging from human health and safety to minimizing environmental impacts, labor issues, and mechanization. The Mushroom Short Course, the organizers, and presenters serve as the primary contacts for the PA mushroom industry to research at Penn State and other institutions.

Contact Information

David Meigs Beyer, Ph.D.
  • Professor of Mushrooms
John A. Pecchia, Ph.D.
  • Associate Research Professor