Posted: May 23, 2017

Cristina Rosa's travel proposal was selected to a faculty development fund to support her travel to Croatia.

Image: Penn State

Image: Penn State

On May 23 Dr. Cristina Rosa's travel proposal was selected to the Horace T. Woodward Faculty Development Fund in Agricultural Sciences. Rosa will travel to Porec, Croatia, in May 2018 to:

  • Participate in the Power of Viruses, an international meeting organized by the Croatian Microbiological Society (May 16-18, 2018);
  • Visit the group of Professor Dijana Škorić in Zagreb with a goal to establish a vibrant collaboration through the exchange of students and coordination of specific research projects;
  • Give a seminar about her research in Professor Škorić's Department of Biology at the University of Zagreb (May 18-23, 2018).

Contact Information

Cristina Rosa, Ph.D.
  • Associate Professor, Plant Virology