Introduction to Cell and Molecular Biology Course Concludes

Posted: July 11, 2017

Ph.D. candidate Natali Özber concluded her Upward Bound 2017 course on July 11.
Image: Natali Özber, Penn State

Image: Natali Özber, Penn State

Natali Özber, a Ph.D. candidate in Plant Biology who is advised by Dr. Cristina Rosa, taught the Upward Bound class titled "Introduction to Cell and Molecular Biology" June 12-July 11, 2017. The purpose of the course was to provide high school students with a basic understanding of the principles of the cellular and molecular mechanisms of life. The laboratory portion was designed to familiarize students with basic techniques used in cell and molecular biology.

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Natali Ozber
  • Ph.D. in Plant Biology
Phone: 814-863-4211