Minkenberg Presents at Plant Genome Engineering Symposium

Posted: June 3, 2016

Ph.D. candidate Bastian Minkenberg's research was included in UC-Berkeley's first Plant Genome Engineering Symposium this week.

Bastian Minkenberg, Plant Biology Ph.D. candidate in Dr. Yinong Yang's lab, traveled to UC-Berkeley to present his research at the university's first Plant Genome Engineering Symposium held on May 31, 2016.

In addition to having a poster at the symposium, Minkenberg was one of three students who was chosen to present his research in a student talk.  Bastian's presentation was titled "Discovery of Rice Essential Genes by Characterizing CRISPR-Edited Mutation of Closely Related Rice MAP Kinase Genes."

According to DuPont Pioneer, the DuPont Plant Sciences Symposia Series is an opportunity for the next generation of scientists to interact with both public and private experts through student-driven and organized events at different academic institutions worldwide.