Mazzone and Gugino Travel to Honduras

Posted: March 28, 2016

Gugino and Mazzone visited Zamorano Agricultural University in Honduras to obtain information for educational materials to help Western Honduran growers.
Gugino and Mazzone (center) with Horticulture Innovation Lab workers (left) and Zamorano student translator (right)

Gugino and Mazzone (center) with Horticulture Innovation Lab workers (left) and Zamorano student translator (right)

Dr. Beth Gugino, Associate Professor of Vegetable Pathology, and Jennie Mazzone, a dual M.S. student in Plant Pathology and International Agriculture and Development (INTAD), visited the Zamorano Agricultural University located in the valley of the Yeguare River, Honduras, March 20-23, 2016. Gugino and Mazzone traveled to Zamorano to learn about the current research and outreach being conducted through the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) University of California-Davis Horticulture Innovation Lab Regional Center at Zamorano, as well as the challenges growers in Honduras face in terms of losses due to insects and diseases.

Through meetings with the Extension professionals and growers of Western Honduras, Gugino and Mazzone received first-hand experience with the needs and challenges growers face. This information will be used to create educational materials for Farmer Field Schools done through the Women in Agriculture Network (WAGn): Honduras project, a collaboration between the Penn State College of Agricultural Sciences and the Horticulture Innovation Lab at Zamorano. These Farmer Field Schools will teach women how to grow horticultural crops such as onion, tomato, pepper, carrot, and lettuce in order to increase income and improve nutrition in their household. Mazzone will use the information that she learned to design a horticulture production guide for women participating in the WAGn: Honduras Farmer Field Schools.

Beth Gugino examining celery plants in Honduras

Dr. Beth Gugino examining celery plants for pests.

Mazzone also was able to obtain critical information through this visit for her research titled "Developing educational materials to incorporate into training for Western Hondurans working towards women empowerment in the horticulture value chain.” She was awarded nearly $2,500 through the Penn State INTAD Graduate International Research Competitive Grants Program for this research.

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