Awards Ceremony Honors PPEM Members


Posted: April 22, 2016

The Dept. of Plant Pathology and Environmental Microbiology held its Annual Awards Ceremony on April 21.
Dr. Carolee Bull (L) and Sara May (R)

Dr. Carolee Bull (L) and Sara May (R)


The Dept. of Plant Pathology and Environmental Microbiology (PPEM) held its Annual Awards Ceremony on April 21, 2016.

Laurence D. and Mary Ann Moore Faculty and Staff Award in Plant Pathology

Presented to Roxanne Lease, Facilities and Safety, this award was established by Larry Moore and his wife Mary Ann to honor and recognize outstanding achievement by a department faculty or staff member.

Plant Pathology Graduate Studies Enhancement Award

This endowed fund was created by contributions from alumni and friends of the department to enhance the graduate studies program in plant pathology. The endowment is used to support graduate student travel, awards, equipment, and purchases. This award was presented to:

  • Anita Behari
  • Yueying Chen
  • Kristi Fenstermacher
  • Robert Harvey
  • Christopher Smyth

The Leonard J. Francl Endowment in Support of Graduate Plant Pathology Research

Presented to Plant Disease Clinic Coordinator Sara May, this award's endowment was created in memory of Leonard J. Francl, PPEM Dept. Head from 2002-2005. Dr. Francl's passion was helping people. He believed that agricultural research could lead to a better life for people all over the world. He found great satisfaction in the success of his colleagues and students, and he worked to help them grow to their potential.

Henry W. Popp Award

The Henry W. Popp Award was established by Mary Jean Popp Smeal and Frank P. Smeal in honor of Dr. Popp, Dept. Head of Botany and Plant Pathology from 1950-1958. This endowed award recognizes the outstanding accomplishments by graduate degree candidates in plant pathology. This year's recipients are:

  • Brian Aynardi
  • Anita Behari
  • Kristi Fenstermacher
  • Sara Klee
  • Freddy Magdama
  • Joseph Walls

James P. Roberts Scholarship

L.F. Lambert Spawn Company was one of the first companies in the United States to commercially produce Shiitake in 1981, and they established this award in memory of James P. Roberts to recognize outstanding students pursuing graduate studies in mushroom science. Undergraduate Hunter Swisher and Ph.D. student Matthew Wheatley received the scholarship this year.

The L. Earl and Veronica Casida Graduate Scholarship

Presented to Kaixi Zhao, this scholarship recognizes outstanding accomplishments of a graduate student in plant pathology and was established by L. Earl Casida, retired Penn State faculty member, and his wife Veronica.

The Arthur Gaspari Memorial Scholarship

Presented to Brian Aynardi, The Arthur Gaspari Memorial Scholarship was established to recognize undergraduate or graduate students interested in mushroom science and the mushroom industry.

The Herbert Cole Jr. Fund for Plant Pathology and Environmental Microbiology

Presented to Joseph Walls, this endowed award was created by Dr. Herbert Cole Jr. to support graduate student and faculty professional development in international agricultural systems associated with food crop production. His intent is to better prepare students for dealing with impediments to feeding the world population from an international perspective.

Lester P. Nichols Memorial Award

Presented to Laura del Sol Bautista Jalón, this award was established by alumni, family, and friends of Professor L.P. Nichols, Penn State Extension Plant Pathologist from 1948-1982, to recognize research accomplishments.

Five-Year Service Award

Dr. Marilyn Roossinck received a certificate and Penn State letter opener.

Ten-Year Service Award

Chad Moore, Qin Wang, and Dr. Yinong Yang received a certificate and a Penn State tote bag.

Twenty-Five Year Service Award

Dr. David Beyer received a certificate and Penn State Lion.

Thirty-Five Year Service Award

Nancy Wenner received a certificate and Penn State Throw.

Special Recognition

Dr. Gretchen Kuldau was recognized with a gift for her years of service as Director of Graduate Studies.