Alumnus Lee a USDA-ARS Plant Physiologist


Posted: April 18, 2016

2011 graduate Steven Lee sends news of his work from the past five years and his new position in the Grape and Prunus Breeding Program.
Image: Steven Lee

Image: Steven Lee

After graduating in spring 2011, I spent a year at Cornell University as a postdoctoral scholar working on the genetically intractable bacterium Chlamydia trachomatis to investigate the interactions between bacterial and host proteins. Then in November 2012, I started a postdoctoral position as Research Molecular Biologist in the Crops Disease and Pest Genetics Unit at the United States Dept. of Agriculture-Agriculture Research Service (USDA-ARS) facility in Parlier, CA, to work on virulence proteins of Xylella fastidious, the causal agent of Pierce’s Disease in grapevines.

In January 2016, I started a permanent position as Plant Physiologist in the Grape and Prunus Breeding Program at the USDA-ARS facility in Parlier, CA. The overall objectives of the Grape and Prunus Breeding program are to develop superior disease-resistant apricot and table grape varieties. My major responsibilities are to identify disease-resistance and fruit-quality traits in breeding populations of grape and apricot and coordinate the activities of the embryo rescue lab to establish seedless table and raisin grape varieties.