2016 Ag Progress Days Highlights

Posted: August 18, 2016

Ag Progress Days PPEM volunteers coordinator Judy Sinn credits dept. members for successful PPEM interactive display.
Image: Nancy Wenner, Penn State University

Image: Nancy Wenner, Penn State University


Sincere thanks to all the volunteers who made the Dept. of Plant Pathology and Environmental Microbiology (PPEM) display at the Ag Progress Days Youth Building August 16-18 so much fun.

Hundreds of visitors of all ages spent time exploring the display activities and getting first-hand experience with plant diseases. Their excited reactions and questions were a rewarding sign that they were learning something new about nature.

Thanks to Sara Klee, Kim Paley, and Kaixi Zhao for providing fantastic specimens and to Sara May for fact sheets and the digital microscope.

Thanks to those interacting with the public: Laura del Sol Bautista Jalón, Kristi Fenstermacher, Seogchan Kang, Sara Klee, Jennie Mazzone, Serge Ouédraogo, Natali Özber, Chris Ramage, Nancy Wenner, and Matt Wheatley.

Extra thanks go to Tim McNellis, Kim Paley, and Joe Walls for not only manning the table, but helping to set-up and tear-down.

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