Plant Pathologists Participate in University Graduate Research Exhibition

Posted: March 27, 2012

Seven Plant Pathology graduate students participated in the 2012 Penn State University Graduate Research Exhibition held on March 25 at the Hetzel Union Building (HUB).
Anna Testen - 3rd place award, Life Sciences division

Anna Testen - 3rd place award, Life Sciences division

Over 260 graduate students from all disciplines in the University participated in scientific poster displays and visual arts presentations.  Emphasis of the poster presentations was to communicate scientific information and research results and significance to the general public.   Plant Pathology participants in the area of Health and Life Sciences included: Brian Aynardi, Vasileios Bitas, Sarah Bardsley, Emily Helliwell, Yinfei Li, Alamgir Rahman, and Anna Testen.  Cash prizes were awarded in 6 areas of sciences, engineering, and arts & humanities.  Congratulations go to Anna Testen, a M.S. degree candidate working with Dr. Paul Backman, for her third place award in the Life Sciences division which had 67 entries.  Judges representing Plant Pathology included Xiaodong Bao, Tim McNellis, Laura Ramos, Marilyn Roossinck, Emmie Warnstrom, and Fred Gildow.  The Department appreciates the efforts made by these students and faculty to support the Graduate Exhibition and to represent the Department of Plant Pathology at this University-wide event.  


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