Congratulations to Brian Aynardi

Posted: April 23, 2012

Brian is a student in the Plant Pathology Ph.D. Graduate program working on turf grass disease management with Dr. Wakar Uddin. Brian was recently elected in a university-wide election as the Faculty Senate representative for the Penn State Graduate Student Association for the 2012-2013 academic year.
Brian Aynardi, PhD Graduate Student in Plant Pathology

Brian Aynardi, PhD Graduate Student in Plant Pathology

Brian is looking forward to representing the graduate students from the Department as well as the graduate student body as a whole. He will be serving on a Senate committee in addition to attending all Faculty Senate meetings.   Brian indicated that although his main focus is to understand how the University functions  and to use the opportunity as a learning experience, he is also confident in his abilities to properly address student body concerns with the faculty senators. He is enthusiastic about making connections and interacting with as many University senators as possible,  highlighting the achievements of Plant Pathology graduate students, and is excited for the opportunity to act as a positive reflection on behalf of the Department.