Jilin Agricultural University Delegation Visit to Plant Pathology

Posted: September 12, 2011

Mushroom scientist and faculty from Jilin Agricultural University located in Changchun, China visited the Department of Plant Pathology on September 12, 2012 to tour the Mushroom Research Facility and discuss international collaborative research and teaching programs on mushrooms with interested faculty.

Jilin University has an enrollment of 20,800 students served by 1600 faculty and researchers in 59 undergraduate degree programs and 7 post doctoral research centers.  The Jilin delegation was lead by Dr. Yu Li, Professor of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, a nationally recognized scientist and expert on mushrooms and other fungi in China.  Dr. Li established the Engineering Research Center for Mushrooms at Jilin University and serves as president of the Mycological Society of China and as editor of the Journal of Fungal Research.  Previous to his current position, Dr. Li served as President of Jilin Agricultural University. Accompanying Dr. Li was Jieguang Sun, vice president of Jilin University, Dr. Li Xiao, Director of Mushroom Sciences at Jilin University, Chen Liangcheng, a PhD student of mushroom sciences, and Mr. L.C. Chen, Sylvan Mushroom’s representative for China. The tour was organized by Dr. Mark Wach (Ph.D. 1985), V.P. and Director of Sylvan Research Co.  Dr. Li and colleagues met with Dr. Fred Gildow for a tour of the Department in Buckhout and discussions about curricula and research opportunities.  After a lunch with faculty, the guests visited the Mushroom Research Center facilities and discussed research protocols and environmental control equipment with Dr. David Beyer and Dr. John Pecchia.  The delegation then met with Associate Dean for Research, Dr. Gary Thompson and the Director of International Programs, Deanna Bering, to discuss potential international collaborations and teaching opportunities for faculty and graduate students.  As expected for any out of town visitors, the tour was completed by a visit to the Creamery for a taste of true Penn State traditions.