Soil and Plant Microbiomes

Dr. Terrence Bell, Assistant Professor of Phytobiomes, seeks students with interests in one of two soil microbial project areas.
Dr. Terrence Bell | Credit: Michael Houtz, Penn State

Dr. Terrence Bell | Credit: Michael Houtz, Penn State

The Bell Lab is looking for motivated students interested in one of two project areas:

  1. Selection of soil microbial strains and/or assemblages for increased invasion potential, or soil microbial assemblages for increased resistance to invasion.
  2. Robustness of plant recruitment of root-associated microbiomes in the presence of:
    • Shifts in the relative abundance of available soil microorganisms;
    • Additional sources of microbial inoculum;
    • And/or abiotic disturbance gradients.

We will work with plants and microbial assemblages appropriate to the questions asked, but will seek to embed these questions within applied agriculturally-based projects.

Contact Information

Terrence H. Bell, Ph.D.
  • Assistant Professor of Phytobiomes
Phone: 814-865-9653