Selected Electronic Resource Gateways/Portals for the Plant Sciences

The gateways/portals listed below provide access to full text electronic journals in the Plant Sciences and related subjects. Some of the gateways also provide full text access to books, databases, and other resources as well.

Unless otherwise noted, access to specific electronic resources via the listed gateways will require you to first identify (i.e., authenticate) yourself as a valid Penn State user (i.e., provide confirmation that you are currently a Penn State student, faculty, or staff member).

Also, activation of many of the personal customization features offered by the gateways will require: 1) Authentication as a valid PSU user, and 2) Filling out and submitting an additional online registration form provided at the various gateway sites.

For more information about remote access to gateways and databases, please see the Penn State University Libraries Remote Database Access page @ .



A collaborative effort between scientific societies, libraries, academia and the private sector, BioOne aggregates the full-texts of research journals in the biological, ecological and environmental sciences.

Selected Plant Science-Related Electronic Journals Available via BioOne:

•  Applied Vegetation Science

•  BioScience

•  The Botanical Review

•  Weed Science

Complete List of BioOne's Journal Holdings:

BioOne Personal Customization Features:

•  BioOne Journals Online Issue Alert

Online Issue Alert is an email service that will notify you when new issues are available on BioOne .

•  CrossRef

CrossRef allows you to move from one article to another at the citation level, regardless of journal or publisher. With CrossRef, it will only take you a click or two to get to the full text of the article, either as an authenticated user or through pay-per-view services.

Highwire (Stanford University)


HighWire Press is a division of the Stanford University Libraries, which produces the online versions of peer-reviewed journals and other scholarly content. HighWire has partnered with scholarly societies, university presses, academia and publishers to create a large repository of free full-text life science articles.

Selected Plant Science-Related Electronic Journals Available via Highwire :

  • American Journal of Botany
  • The Plant Cell Online
  • Plant Online
  • Plant Physiology

Highwire Personal Customization Features:

  • My Favorite Journals (Requires pre-registration in a free account)
    • My Favorite Journals is a list of journals you personally select from among participating Highwire publishers. Provides fast access to the journal sites, their search pages, and the most recently posted issues. You can also limit your searches to your favorite journal list. In addition to the journal cover, each journal entry will show these navigational icons:
      • Go to the home page
      • Go to the current issue
      • Go to the search page
  • My SiteBar
    • My SiteBar provides an easy tool to quickly access your favorite journals-- their homepage, search page, and current issue--as well as telling you when new content has been posted to their site. It also provides access to Highwire's search engine and lets you decide what content to search. My Sitebar opens as a separate window that you can keep open on your desktop.
  • Email & PDA Alerts
    • eTOC (Email Tables of Contents): Receive tables of contents from Highwire journals you select. In addition you will be notified when a new issue has gone online and also receive announcements from journal publishers. Finally, where available, you will also receive tables of contents from future content.
    • CITETRACK: Receive email alerts whenever newly posted content in Highwire journals match criteria based on the topics (keywords/subjects), authors (individuals whose work you are following) and articles (when a paper is referenced by another paper or letter) you want to track. You can also determine which journals should be included in your alerts.
    • PDA Alerts (“Highwire Remote”): Offered as a service by individual Highwire-hosted journals, PDA Alerts deliver tables of contents, abstracts, and selected full text material from current journal issues to handheld PDS. PalmOS and PocketPC are both supported.



Provides access to scholarly and scientific journals, e-books, and reference works.

Selected Plant Science-Related Electronic Journals Available via SpringerLink :

•  Biologia Plantarum

•  Biological Invasions

•  Plant and Soil

•  Plant Molecular Biology

SpringerLink Personal Customization Features:

  • Table of Contents Alert
    • The Table of Content Alert notifies you by email when a new issue of a Springer journal you pre-select becomes available. The email will also include the table of contents for the selected journal.
  • Keyword Alert
    • Keyword Alert automatically resubmits searches you specify on newly published content. You will be notified by email when a stored search retrieves relevant new articles.
  • Favorite Publications
    • Favorite Publications allows you to create a list of your favorite Springer publications for easy access. (U.S Government)

URL: is a gateway to authoritative selected science information provided by U.S. Government agencies, including research and development results. Special collections include federal regulations, federal R&D summaries, internships & fellowships and

ScienceDirect (Elsevier)


ScienceDirect is the world's largest electronic collection of science, technology and medicine full text and bibliographic information.

Selected Plant Science-Related Electronic Journals Available via

•  Crop Protection

•  Field Crops Research

•  Physiological and Molecular Plant Pathology

•  Plant Science

Complete List of ScienceDirect's Journal Holdings:

ScienceDirect Personal Customization Features:

  • Search Alerts
    • A Search Alert notifies you by email when a stored search retrieves new results.
  • Topic Alerts
    • A Topic Alert notifies you be email when new articles pertaining to a specific topic are available on ScienceDirect .
  • Volume/Issue Alerts
    • A Volume/Issue Alert notifies you by email when a new issue of a particular journal or a new volume of a particular book becomes available on ScienceDirect .
  • Citation Alerts
    • A Citation Alert notifies you by email when a selected article is cited by new articles added to ScienceDirect .

Blackwell Synergy


Blackwell Synergy is the online journals service from Blackwell Publishing. It holds the content for most of Blackwell's journals, the majority of which are published on behalf of international scholarly and professional societies. Blackwell Synergy enables readers to search for relevant articles, read abstracts for free, print the full-text of subscribed to articles, download citations, and make connections to other relevant research through reference linking.

Selected Plant Science-Related Electronic Journals Available via Synergy :

•  Journal of Agronomy and Crop Science

•  Journal of Phytopathology

•  Molecular Plant Pathology

•  Plant Pathology

Complete List of Blackwell Synergy 's Electronic Journal Holdings:

Personal Customization Features Available:

  • Email tables of content alerts
  • Save searches to run again at a later date
  • Search alerts
    • Set up search alerts so that you receive an email whenever an article matching your search is published online.
  • Save favorite journals and articles
  • Customize the homepage so that your favorite journals appear first

Wiley Interscience (John Wiley & Sons, Inc.)


Wiley Interscience provides Web-based access to over 1,000 journals, major reference works, online books, current protocols laboratory manuals, and databases as well as a suite of professional and management resources published by John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

List of Wiley InterScience Journals:

Personal Customization Features Available:

  • Alerts
    • Saved Titles Alerts
      • Automatically sends the table of contents of the latest issue of your saved journal once it has been published.
    • Saved Search Alerts
      • Automatically notifies you when an article matching your saved search has been published with direct links through to the new search results.
  • Saved Titles
    • Allows you to save an archive of journal and book titles that you access most frequently. The most recent titles saved are available from your personal toolbar when logged on.
  • Saved Articles
    • Allows you to save an archive of articles that you refer to most frequently, or require for future citation information.
  • Saved Searches
    • Allows you to retrieve, edit, and re-run your saved search to find new or archived material matching your search parameters.