Extension Programs and Facilities

Plant Diseases
Common diseases of plants frequently grown in greenhouses, interiorscapes, and in outdoor landscapes and nurseries in the northeastern U.S.
Vegetable Production
News, fact sheets, and production guides for vegetable production.
Artillery Fungus
What are those spots on the siding of my house, my car or plants? These spots may actually be spores from a group of fungi commonly called "shotgun" or "artillery" fungi.
Mushroom Grower Information
This site provides information on mushroom production, pest management, mushroom cultures available for purchase, the annual Mushroom Industry Conference, and new trends and developments in the industry.
Turfgrass Disease Clinic
Our mission is to provide assistance to the turfgrass industry in Pennsylvania in maintaining high quality turf through integrated turfgrass health management practices.
Plant Disease Clinic
The Plant Disease Clinic is a service and education function of the Department of Plant Pathology, and provides clinical diagnoses of plant diseases for approximately 2,000 samples submitted annually by Pennsylvania agricultural producers, urban gardeners, and homeowners.
Mushroom Spawn Lab
The Mushroom Spawn Laboratory contains a culture collection of the cultivated mushroom, Agaricus bisporus.