Seminar: From Discovery to Launch: The Development of New Products

Marta Garcia, DowAgroSciences

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April 2, 2018, 3:35 PM - 4:30 PM

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For scientist considering a career in the agrochemical industry, working on the development of New Products can be a fulfilling and exciting opportunity.

The increasing global population and food demand, changes in the climate, increasing resistance to currently available products, and regulatory requirements for more favorable environmental and toxicological profiles are key factors driving the necessity to discover and launch new agrochemical products that meet the needs of tomorrow’s growers and consumers.

As average, only 1 in 160,000 potential agricultural chemical products successfully makes it through the process from the discovery laboratory to the farmer’s field.  The entire process takes on average 11.3 years and requires about $286 MM investment.  Very few companies in the agrochemical industry have the capability and resources to undertake this journey.

In my presentation I will cover key aspects of the process to develop new agrochemical products including industry trends and players, timelines, costs, discovery goals, decision making, key functions and roles, and success stories.