Seminar: Community Climates of Change: From the Microbiome to On-Farm Networks

Michelle Paukett, Graduate Student, Penn State
Michelle Paukett

Michelle Paukett

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November 15, 2019, 12:20 PM - 1:10 PM

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Agriculture is a complex system of dynamic interactions between various abiotic and biotic factors. Alterations to the system, such as from fungicide application or climate change, can have lasting impacts on microbial community structures and influence agricultural productivity. For instance, while fungicides can increase agricultural productivity by combating fungal pathogens, they can decrease overall microbiome biodiversity which could have long-term negative consequences on sustainable production. At the same time, microbes can play a key role in the fate of fungicides in the ecosystem in tandem with environmental factors. Research to further understand the impact of fungicides on the microbiome and the fate of fungicides with climate change can help ensure food security in the future. Programs such as On-Farm Networks can help facilitate this research, while also driving important societal changes such as empowerment and alleviating poverty. Assessing the impact of these programs can increase their effectiveness to the benefit of global food security and social justice.