Seminar: Germination to Sporulation: Minimizing Latent Period and Establishing an Applied Field Crops Pathology Program

Alyssa Koehler Ph.D., Assistant Professor and Extension Specialist Plant Pathology, University of Delaware
Alyssa Koehler

Alyssa Koehler

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October 28, 2019, 3:35 PM - 4:30 PM

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The field crops extension pathology program at the University of Delaware conducts applied research in wheat, barley, maize, soybeans, and stevia. Established in October 2018, year one encompassed lab creation, extension programming, fungicide efficacy trials, field surveys to identify top pathogens of concern, and establishment of graduate student projects. Initial research efforts include Fusarium Head Blight in wheat and barley, Pythium spp. and foliar diseases in maize, nematodes and soilborne fungi affecting soybean production, and continued efforts to understand pathogens of concern for stevia, a new crop to the US.