Natali Ozber

  • Ph.D. in Plant Biology
  • Rosa Lab
Natali Ozber
410 Buckhout Lab (office)
310/410 Buckhout Lab (lab)

University Park, PA 16802
Work Phone: 814-863-4211
Fax: 814-863-7217

Areas of Expertise

  • Protein Biochemistry
  • Molecular and Cell Biology
  • Signals and Responses
  • Plant-Virus Interactions

I recently received my Ph.D. in Plant Biology under the supervision of Dr. Cristina Rosa. My doctoral research focused on trafficking routes of the movement protein (MP) of Ourmia melon virus (OuMV) to better understand virus movement mechanisms in plant cells and to study host trafficking pathways using OuMV MP as a tool. 

Before joining Dr. Rosa’s group, I worked in the laboratory of Dr. Sarah Assmann in the Department of Biology examining the upstream and downstream regulators of Arabidopsis heterotrimeric G protein subunit, GPA1. I also worked as a graduate research assistant in the laboratory of Dr. Thomas W. Okita at Washington State University investigating the role of rice Rab 5, a small GTPase, in glutelin RNA and protein transport.

I am originally from Istanbul, Turkey. I received my B.Sc. in Chemical and Biological Engineering from Koc University, Turkey. At Koc University, I began my career as an undergraduate research assistant under the direction of Dr. Halil I. Kavakli, where I had the opportunity to work on several diverse projects. I pursued my M.Sc. in Materials Science and Engineering at Koc University, where I advanced my research on my undergraduate projects and also decided to enter the fascinating world of plants.