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Content from the May 2016 SporePrints e-newsletter.

Welcome from Carolee

Dear Alumni, Emeritus Faculty, Industry Supporters, and other Friends,

Here in Buckhout, the beginning of 2016 was hectic, productive, and stimulating. We conducted interviews for a faculty position in Microbial Ecology and are in negotiations. We had a successful graduate recruitment season in which we were able to attract the top applicants to our program for fall 2016 in part due to a growing professional development program and awards we garnered for the students from the College of Agricultural Sciences and the Graduate School. Our current graduate students were winning awards during this interval, too. Interviews for the Phytobiome Faculty position have resumed after a brief hiatus due to the Pennsylvania budget crisis. The Phytobiome position and the Microbial Ecology position are part of a new Microbiome Initiative (which includes Phytobiomes) spearheaded by the College with a great deal of leadership from PPEM. We started a conversation on Diversity and Inclusion in PPEM that the graduate students through the Plant Pathology Association have continued for greater impact. We have revamped our alumni webpage and hope you will soon drop us a note to include. Thanks to the energy of an enterprising group of undergraduate students, PPEM has a new undergraduate club, Blooms and Shrooms, helping with our numerous outreach activities. We started new “official” PPEM Facebook and Twitter feeds. The energy around the department is contagious. Although it seems like these successes would be enough to exhaust the average plant pathologist, they are just the tip of the iceberg of what is happening in your PPEM and are fueling innovation and motivation. This edition of PPEM SporePrints will fill you in on the numerous other things keeping us engaged.

In the eight months that my husband Jean-Philippe and I have been in State College, we have come to believe deeply in the mission of the Department of Plant Pathology and Environmental Microbiology and the dedication of the staff and faculty. Our faith in the future of the department is so strong that we are prepared to invest not only our time to see the work of the department advance, but also we plan to make a monetary gift of up to $25,000 for a new endowment to see the potential of the department be realized. This is how strongly we believe in what we are doing here in PPEM at Penn State.

Recognizing the speed at which our science evolves and the rapidly changing methods of translation for students and producers, the faculty and I are strategizing ways in which the Department of Plant Pathology and Environmental Microbiology can best prepare our students for their futures as entrepreneurs and leaders in academia, government, and industry. Jean-Philippe and I are therefore offering to match gifts up to $25,000 to partner with you to fund the new Foundations for Leadership and Innovation Endowment in Plant Pathology. Through this endowment, the legacy of the past will ensure our students and faculty lead the College of Agricultural Sciences at Penn State and the discipline of plant pathology as we move into the future. Specifically, the funds from this endowment will be used for strategic initiatives to develop novel undergraduate, graduate, and postdoctoral training and research programs to distinguish our students and faculty from others. This endowment is not named for anyone because it is a legacy to all and a promise to keep riding the crest of the wave of these changing times.

We would not be poised to make this giant leap forward if it weren’t for those of you who worked to make this department what it is today. Thank you for providing the strong foundation that we are now building upon. Join the enthusiasm that is building in your department by making your gift today! I would be pleased to talk with you about this fund or other opportunities to build on the great things that are already happening in PPEM. Please contact the department office (814-865-7448) to learn more about the Foundations for Leadership and Innovation Endowment in Plant Pathology.

May you enjoy the optimism of spring!

Carolee T. Bull
Head | Professor
Department of Plant Pathology and Environmental Microbiology


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