SporePrints 2016-02

Content from the February 2016 SporePrints e-newsletter.

Welcome from Carolee

Dear Faculty, Staff, Students, Alumni, Retirees, Friends, and Supporters,

The energy in Buckhout and the Department of Plant Pathology and Environmental Microbiology (PPEM) is palpable. The Bull is taking the PPEM by the horns and vice versa! As a staff member said to a prospective graduate student, “the enthusiasm and energy are contagious.” Even our website is changing almost daily and Buckhout_Bull is giving the play-by-play on Twitter. Because that is a lot to keep track of, this quarterly newsletter is our way to help you to keep up with all the exciting things we are doing. This is also our opportunity to thank you for your contributions to our new initiatives. These efforts are taking root in the fertile soil that was created through the hard work of alumni, emeriti, retirees, and our current faculty, staff, and students.

One of our most exciting initiatives strengthens our interactions with undergraduate students. In November 2015 PPEM students, staff, and faculty gathered to plan our strategic engagement of undergraduate students. We are now moving forward in five areas: 1) communicating about our programs; 2) supporting undergraduate attendance at scientific conferences; 3) mentoring and advising undergraduates; 4) monitoring our success and their needs; and 5) recruiting. Planning was followed by direct action. “Blooms and Shrooms,” a new PPEM undergraduate club, is the undergraduates’ immediate response to our engagement.

In addition to a sense of growth and a bright future, we are feeling a sense of coming home. We have moved back into our permanent offices and labs after a renovation of the roof and HVAC system. The collegiality with which labs moved in together and shared space, first in one half of the building and then in the other, was striking. This is who we are! In the past five months, I have watched as individuals repeatedly contributed to the good of the whole at some inconvenience to themselves. Meaningful contribution is the coin of the realm in Buckhout.

During my short tenure, the thing that has delighted me the most is the steady revealing of the “who’s who” list that makes up our alumni roster. The cards and donation letters I regularly receive from our alumni allow me to relish the esteem that your successful careers reflect back on us as a department. I look forward to hearing tales of the past from more of you as we go forward and hope you enjoy our PPEM-flavored news from Penn State.

Happy New Year!

Carolee T. Bull
Head | Professor
Department of Plant Pathology and Environmental Microbiology


Latest News

  1. Phytobiome Network Becomes a Reality
  2. Yang Gives Invited Talks in St. Louis, Orlando, and San Diego
  3. Turfgrass Disease Research Advances
  4. Postdoc Weiya Xue Joins Potato Program
  5. Farm Show's "Mush-Room" Booth Rich in Content
  6. Pita Presents W. Africa Virus Epidemiology Project Seminar
  7. Capasso and Mazzone Place First in APS Graduate Competitions
  8. Swisher Receives Award for Research Proposal
  9. Seogchan Kang Outlines Project
  10. David Beyer Reflects on 25 Years of Service
  11. 2015 Holiday Party a Success
  12. Mazzone Awarded International Research Funding
  13. Bull Lab Welcomes Fulbright Scholar Irda Safni
  14. Qu Resolves Potato Disease Challenges
  15. Rahman Begins Work in NC State Plant Pathology Lab
  16. Sarah Bardsley Capasso Passes Final Defense
  17. Dr. Elwin Stewart Donates Crabapple Sign
  18. Echols Champions Minority Student Research Conference


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