Our mission is to provide assistance to the turfgrass industry in Pennsylvania in maintaining high quality turf through integrated turfgrass health management practices.

The first strategic step in turfgrass health management is obtaining an accurate diagnosis of a problem. The Clinic provides disease diagnosis and management recommendations to turfgrass managers as part of the outreach program of Penn State's Department of Plant Pathology. Our clientele manage golf courses, landscapes, sod farms, athletic fields, the grounds of school districts or other institutions, and park or recreation facilities. Home lawn turfgrass samples should be submitted to the Plant Disease Clinic.

The Clinic is the official turfgrass disease diagnostic laboratory of the Penn State University. Turfgrass samples submitted to the clinic from all the counties in Pennsylvania are processed FREE of charge on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Turfgrass Submission Form and Checklist

Timely and accurate diagnosis of the problem associated with the turfgrass is partly dependent upon proper collection and proper shipping of the sample and a completed sample submission form. Review the checklist provided to ensure the sample arrives in optimum condition for processing.

*Note: Home lawn turfgrass samples should be submitted to the Plant Disease Clinic.

Turfgrass Disease Submission Form

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Checklist for Submitting Turfgrass Samples

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