Peter Differentiates Bacterial Spot on Peach and Copper Injury
December 22, 2015
In the Dec. 2015 issue of American Fruit Grower Dr. Kari Peter differentiates bacterial spot and copper injury for peach and nectarine growers.
Seogchan Kang Outlines Project
December 18, 2015
"Can you smell me now? Prospecting fungal semio-volatile organic compounds to enhance plant health" by Professor Seogchan Kang.
Qu Resolves Potato Disease Challenges
December 8, 2015
Every year new or more frequent potato disease outbreaks mean fresh problem solving and research for PPEM Research Associate Dr. Xinshun Qu.
Behari Describes Deoxynivalenol Summer Research
October 23, 2015
Anita Behari, Ph.D. student in Dr. Gretchen Kuldau's lab, details her summer research collaboration at the University of Missouri.
Gugino Revels in South Africa's Beauty and Crop Production
September 11, 2015
Dr. Beth Gugino's inaugural visit to South Africa included her keynote speech at the 25th Annual Soil-borne Disease Symposium in Stellenbosch, tours of several crop production fields in the Western Cape province, and breathtaking beauty.
Scott Isard Receives Prestigious Award
September 1, 2015
Scott Isard received an award from the USDA AFRI Food Security Challenge Area for the Integrated Pest Information Platform for Extension and Education (iPiPE).
María del Mar Jiménez Gasco Presents an Invited Talk in South Africa
July 23, 2015
María del Mar Jiménez Gasco, Associate Professor of Plant Pathology, presented an invited talk in Skukuza, South Africa, for the Common Bean Disease Workshop on Angular Leaf Spot and Root Rots.
Yinong Yang Gives Plant Genome Editing and Precision Breeding Presentations in China
June 13, 2015
Dr. Yinong Yang gave multiple presentations on precision crop genome engineering in China in June 2015.
Yang Research Group Publishes New Genome Editing Approach in PNAS
March 5, 2015
PPEM congratulates former postdoc Kabin Xie, Ph.D. student Bastian Minkenberg, and Associate Professor Yinong Yang for their publication in PNAS documenting an innovative method to improve genome editing technology.