Maliheh Safari

  • Ph.D. Candidate
  • Advised by: Dr. Marilyn Roossinck
Maliheh Safari
University Park, PA 16802
Fax: 814-863-7217


  1. M.S. Plant Pathology, University of Tehran
  2. B.S. Plant Protection, University of Tehran


I am a Ph.D. candidate in the Dept. of Plant Pathology and Environmental Microbiology at Penn State University. I joined Dr. Marilyn Roossinck’s lab in Spring 2013 to study co-evolution of plant persistent viruses with their host. In my research I investigate an aspect of virus evolution that has not been addressed before: the role of lifestyle in the evolution of viruses. Also, I am interested in the potential beneficial roles of persistent viruses in the ancestors of domestic plants. Studying the insect-virus interaction may reveal further mutualistic relationships between persistent viruses and their host.


Safari M, Roossinck MJ. 2014. How does the genome structure and lifestyle of a virus affect its population variation? Current Opinion in Virology 9:39-44.

Safari M, Kamaly A, Hadian J, Farzaneh M. 2011. Inhibition of spore development and mycelial growth of Rhizopus stolonifer by essential oil of Satureja richingeri from Iran. Journal of Essential Oil Research 23:5-10.


Safari M, Roossinck MJ. June 2016. Evolution of Bell pepper endornavirus in peppers. 35th annual meeting of American Society of Virology. Oral presentation.

Safari M, Roossinck MJ. May 2016. Evolution of nonpathogenic persistent plant viruses in pepper. Penn State Life Science Symposium. Poster.

Safari M, Roossinck MJ. May 2016. Evolutionary history of an Endornavirus in Capsicum. spp. Living with Our Viromes. Poster.

Safari M, Roossinck MJ. April 2016. Evolution of a persistent virus in different pepper cultivars. 19th Environmental Chemistry and Microbiology Student Symposium. Oral presentation.

Safari M,Roossinck MJ. March 2016. Evolution of plant persistent viruses, non-pathogenic ones, in peppers. The Graduate Exhibition at Penn State. Poster.

Safari M, Roossinck MJ. March 2015. Population diversity in plant persistent viruses with different genome structure. 8th Virus Evolution Workshop. Poster.

Research Interests

  • Virus Evolution
  • Virus Ecology
  • Virus Populations
  • Host-Virus-Vector Interactions